The babyark Uses Military Tech to Be the Safest Carseat for Your Baby

Published by Ethan Brehm, HICONSUMPTION

Mar 10, 2023

When choosing a car seat for your young children, safety is your only concern. There are a handful of popular choices out there, and seasoned parents will be well familiar with the highly-rated options. However, there’s a new player in the game that claims to beat the competition in terms of keeping your kids protected in the back seat.

Using his expertise from designing vehicles for the likes of BMW, Ferrari, and McLaren, Frank Stephenson set out to reinvent the wheel and establish a new standard for car seat safety. A few years back, he unveiled plans for the babyark, a revolutionary model that’s billing itself as the world’s safest car seat. Now, the babyark is about to become available for consumers with pre-orders open online now.

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