'Learn to sketch with Frank' course launch sketch by Sajay.

On 2nd November we held the official launch of ‘Learn to sketch with Frank’ at the Royal College of Art (RCA), in London. 

It was attended by Masters students of the RCA, prominent journalists, special invited guests, including University academics and was hosted by Gavin Green. 

Frank took the audience on a captivating journey through his evolution in the design world, sharing anecdotes from the iconic sailfish era at McLaren to his present role leading his own Design Studio, envisioning the future with projects like eVTOL… in other words ‘flying taxis’! 

During the course introduction, the atmosphere crackled with creativity as Sajay, one of our talented designers at Frank Stephenson Design (FSD), skilfully sketched a car in just 15 minutes! Frank then provided insightful critiques, unravelling the ‘what, why, and how’ behind the sketch.  

The evening culminated in a dynamic Q&A session with Frank, where students eagerly asked their questions, delving into unexplored facets of Franks experience. This interactive session proved to be a highlight, offering students a unique opportunity to glean fresh insights and knowledge directly from Frank himself! 

The overwhelming response and active engagement from all attendees left us delighted, marking the successful kick-off of this exciting venture.